Alex Miller Band*

Miller’s voice projects something smooth and refreshing. His sound, deep and unique, stretches across a variety of instrumental influences from Phish to Queens of the Stone Age to John Mayer. He came out with this first CD, “Off Season,” at 18, to a crowd of summer acquaintances in 2004. A growing audience encouraged him to invest in a major recording “Just a Dream” released in August 2010. Overwhelmed by the success of his CD release at New York City’s Canal Room, Miller spent months self-booking and self-promoting a successful nationwide summer tour in 2011. As his foot was out the door for that tour in May 2011, a group of investors agreed to support his working on a third CD, titled “Chin Up, Buckle Down, and Let Go.” The songs on this CD chronicle a generic journey across the nation as well as specific events that occurred at stops along the way. “Chin Up, Buckle Down, and Let Go” will release in May 2012. Miller says: “As much fun as it is to be a singer/songwriter, I still prefer the energy of a crowd.” Since moving to New York in 2009, he has played at a number of venues including (le) Poisson Rouge, The Canal Room, The Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall, The Living Room, The Bitter End, National Underground, and his regular spot–Prohibition. Miller relishes in gaining a fan base and getting his songs heard “the old fashion way”– by performing them.